Custom Signage and Installation

Traffic Services Company has a full range of traffic control signs, construction signs, and custom signage. We manufacture these signs at our in-house facility. Our expertise and experience over the years extends beyond just traffic control and pavement marking. We also offer traffic control signs and custom signage for your project. Our continued success is a testament to our expertise and experience in the industry, and our work on simple traffic control signs to complex custom signage will ensure that your job will meet all federal, state, and local specifications.

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We have created hundreds of traffic control signs and custom signage over the years, and we can accommodate all of your custom signage needs.

From production to installation, Traffic Control Services can provide the traffic control signs and custom signage necessary to get the job done safely, on time and on budget. Call us today at 605-716-0250 to discuss how our traffic control signs and custom signage can help you on your next project.

Whether your needs are highway, street, parking lot, public or private, Traffic Services Company is the premier choice for permanent and temporary sign installations including:

  • Custom Road Side Signs
  • Custom Traffic Signs
  • Custom Event Signs
  • Electronic Signs
  • Changeable Message Boards
  • Portable Traffic Signals
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